I’m not sure I agree with former Sweet Science editor, Charles Jay when he opines that Jose Canseco “could probably roll out of bed right now and hit a few round-trippers for some major league team”, but Jay’s put far more consideration into what the Cuban half of the Bash Brothers did before emerging from the boudoir than any other journalist to date. From Total Action Radio :

On May 11, 1991 the New York papers gobbled up the story of how Canseco had been caught by photographers coming out of Madonna’s Manhattan apartment at two in the morning. Nevertheless, Ms. Darice Pequignot (above, second from left) signed on for a road trip to Baltimore from May 14-16. Jose pleaded innocence to any involvement with Madonna, and the festivities went forward.

On one of the days the Athletics were in Baltimore, the steroid king fielded a call in his hotel room from You-Know-Who, evidently interrupting an interlude of some kind between the would-be crooner and the juicer.What to do? Well, since one can always count on Canseco to be the chivalrous type (what, you didn’t see him on “The Surreal Life”?), and obviously not a believer in the “bird in hand” theory, he asked our heroine if she would be so kind as to leave the room while he spoke to Madonna. This may not have been one of her Greatest Sports Moments, but Darice yielded obediently. In the United States of America, home of our national pastime, we pretty much know this as Striking Out, Looking.

And so in about the time it takes to say “inadvertently,” Ms. Pequignot was transformed from Import of the Week into the oh-so Immaterial Girl.