Though he’s barely at the Washington Post. Not content with dubbing Dan Steinberg “Cheese Boy”, nor wishing Post colleague Paul Farhi “be hit by a Mack truck”, Tony Kornheiser went off on Comcast’s “Washington Post Live” chat show with remarks heard, funnily enough, on a radio program on Washington Post Radio. From Steinberg’s DC Sports Bog :

Tony : “The Washington Post Live” is a television show on Comcast. It’s awful. I don’t really have much more to say about that. It’s just awful.

Jeanne McManus: It does go up against “PTI. In fairness, you should say that.

Tony: It’s just unwatchable. I watch the replay sometimes. Here’s my advice, my advice to people at The Washington Post, not that they care, but I work for them, you know, and I love working for them, and I’ve loved them for many, many years, and I love doing this radio show, which is on nominally Washington Post Radio, until they cancel that three days after I leave.

But if you’re going to say it’s “Washington Post Live,” have Washington Post people on it. Have your people on it. You know, pick a host who’s one of your people, train him, and let him do the show. Have your own people on, and don’t bring on people from other venues. Don’t bother doing it. Because then it’s not “The Washington Post Live.” If you’re gonna put your name on it–am I wrong on this?–if you’re gonna put your name on it, and you’re gonna basically put your brand on it, put your own people on it.