A bloodied Logan Morrison entered the Marlins clubhouse last night expecting medical treatment but instead received a plane ticket to New Orleans from GM Larry Beinfest and manager Jack McKeon.  Morrison, who had 17 HR’s and 60 RBI’s in his rookie campaign after last night’s loss to San Francisco, claims his batting average (.249) was given as justification for the demotion, and while the Associated Press suggests the club’s continued dismay with Morrison’s tweeting had something to do the move, the Palm Beach Post’s Joe Capozzi goes a little more in depth. For those who’ve long suspected Marlins ownership and management are a petty bunch of legends in their own minds, none of this is particularly surprising.

Earlier in the day, Morrison refused to participate in a photo session with season ticket holders at Sun Life Stadium. That might sound surprising, given Logan’s outgoing personality and popularity with fans, but apparently there were some hard feelings related to earlier promotional activities.

I know that this past Thursday — a Marlins off day — Logan canceled a charity bowling tournament in Miami because he said the Florida Marlins Community Foundation “dropped the ball” and didn’t sell enough lanes in advance.

Logan wasn’t happy about that. And there apparently were some other events in which players were supposed to participate. There was also an autograph signing earlier Saturday, which Logan participated in. But he put his foot down and did not participate in the photo session with season ticket holders.