Writes Tim Cook, “The casting call for 3 members seems a little suspect but since this appeal worked so well for the Gas Station Dogs, I’m trying not to be so judgmental.”   After hearing the tunes on this guy’s MySpace page, I’ve buried my Smashchords cassettes in the backyard. As seen on Craigslist :




we are hella connected (mostly in L.A.)
lead singer and bass.

Tracks w/ my vocs will be mixed in and posted in a few days as soon as
we take care of a tech prob. Killer home studio DAW.

Currently in sonoma county/sebastapol/russian sewer area,
looking to relocate as close as poss to san fran.

this is not another tool / incubus / APC / AIC plagerism exercise.
all originals, well experienced in many aspects
of the music shit, er, i mean biz….

YOU: your own gear, be pro minded.
(but i have backup 300w tubeworks/mosvalve combo that sounds like god),
the usual basic must haves and must do’s and dont ever do’s
to pull your part in this (means paying bills).
Meter and clicks yes.
My own riffing is off, that’s why i’m not the gtrist….

Thieves will be kneecapped,
and tweakers/ human drug vacuum cleaners need not apply.
Very low tolerance for idiots.
If you need shelter if you have to commute/record for days on end, etc…
I have a xtra size rv van/future tourbus to shelter in (the ‘MOTHERSHIP’).

Be able to roll the roads, be ready produce FAST.
All originals, you get the writing credit for what you create and
contribute; this will be ran as a bonafide business.

Musically, what is it? Probably stoner rock….and gettin’ off

the mantra is ROCK or DIE!