(Dwight, with his last remaining friend in Central Florida)

With each passing day, it appears more and more likely the Orlando Magic parted ways with Stan Van Gundy for no good reasons whatsoever.  If the sacking of Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith failed to curb Dwight Howard’s wanderlust, what was the point, exactly? Over the weekend, Howard issued a pretty specific trade demand, and if you  think he’s reneged on a promise to play out 2012-13 in Orlando, well, Howard seems adamant he’s not the one with the credibility problem.  Either way, as the Orlando Sentinel’s George Diaz points out, local sentiment ranges from Howard-sucks to Howard-totally-sucks.

Here are some of the printable comments on staydwight.com, a web site created by my friend Ryan Totka hoping to persuade Dwight to stay here and continue chasing an NBA title with the Magic:

“He’s a childish, diva [expletive].”

“OMG just go already…”

“Maybe it’s time to shut down staydwight.com and start a leavedwight.com page.”

“If u need help i will help you get the hell out of city beautiful myself!!!!”

And so it shall be.

Howard wants to go to the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets, but let’s hope new Magic Rob Hennigan plays hardball and doesn’t take the table scrapes the Nets can put together.

The Brook Lopez era? Please.