WBAL’s Joe Angel isn’t the only person to take note of the sizeable contingent of Red Sox fans packing the stands at Camden Yards this weekend. Like a mirror image of Jim Haslett, Orioles players are despondent over being forced to play road games at home. From the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebic.

“If we would have won, I would have said that it’s nice to win a game on the road,” Orioles outfielder Jay Gibbons said. “That’s truly how it is right now. Today was the worst I’ve ever seen it. You look up in the stands and it was hard to find an orange shirt. I guess I understand, they won the World Series last year and they are on top of the world. We’re not.”

“It’s been like that ever since I’ve been here,” B.J. Ryan said of the Red Sox fans in attendance. “They didn’t have to win the World Series for it to be like that. When you don’t win a lot of games, it’s tough to get a lot of people in the seats. That’s just way it is.”