P Matt Bailie (above, left) of the Eastern League’s Bowie (AA) threw a no-hitter yesterday against Eire, striking out 3, walking one and hitting a batter in the Baysox’ 5-0 win. Bailie, a 61st round pick by the Royals in ’94, and more recently of the Northern League’s Schaumberg Flyers, made just his second appearance for a non-indie team in the past 3 years.

Good news for fantasy baseball owners just dying to find a spot for Brad Ausmus. Now you can move him to shortstop.

Birdzerk! made an appearance in Round Rock this evening, accompanied by the even-more insufferable Birdzerk! Jr. Express fans can considered themselves screwed, however, as supporters of the West Michigan Whitecaps witnessed Friday’s first pitch being thrown by an elephant.