So much discussion about the Yanks/Mets battle, yet not a word about Charlie Daniels’ rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”.

The thing with the Subway Circus is that it is so insane, it is so manic, that it makes for an abnormal environment. For instance, the adrenaline rush experienced after Friday night is lost while dealing with opposite extreme low on Saturday night, only to have a commanding win go down on Sunday, leaving the fans, media and, I fear, the players all confused¦

Fact is, the Mets should™ve won two-of-three from the Yankees. Joe Torre is missing Gary Sheffiled, Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada, half his rotation and is stuck with a dizzy Randy Johnson. Meanwhile, the Mets were throwing their pair of aces. Anything less than two wins would™ve been embarrassing. – Matthew Cerrone, Metsblog

I forgive Billy Wagner because we need him, but I still think he should only pitch every other time he pitches. Meaning? Send him out into the parking lot for an innocent game of catch between saves. That takes care of the on-off quotient. – Greg, Faith & Fear In Flushing

The series should have been a sweep, but the Mets are flying high regardless because they outplayed the Yankees for three games. With last night’s victory, the Mets took their third game of this rough nine game stretch and ideal outcome for me was the Mets going 5-4 and they have three wins so far. The only problem now is that the Mets are throwing out Trachsel, Alay Soler, and Jeremi Gonzalez in the next three games and two wins seems like a tall order.The Metropolitans

With a day (and a win) to provide perspective on Saturday’s game, I still believe both Willie and Wagner were culpable for what happened. Wagner is 34 and has some physical problems. I would have left Sanchez in the game and had Wagner ready if necessary. Still, it wasn’t indefensible of Randolph to bring in Wagner, not by a long shot. It was a 4-run game, not a complete laugher.

What was scary to me was the lack of “feel” that Willie demonstrated by staying with Wagner for so long. A closer is like anyone else, some days he doesn’t have it — why are so many managers stubborn about hooking a closer who’s lost? Great managers would have tried to salvage that win with someone else. Wagner should have been pulled when he walked Stinnett on 4 pitches and the Mets still had a 2-run lead.Mike’s Mets

Duaner Sanchez has now induced nine double plays in 27.1 innings, the same amount as he had through 82 IP last year and the most on the Mets staff. I imagine that Sanchez is among the league leaders in the category, too, but I don’t know if any of the sports sites track that sort of thing. – Ryan McConnell, Always Amazin’

Yankee fans looking for some hopeful news can take solace in one of the two following notes :

a) Gary Sheffield (above) is making a rehab start tonight, as Trenton visits New Britain.
b) With Shawn Chacon hitting the DL, OF Terrence Long has been promoted from Columbus.

One of those items is more encouraging than the other, I admit.