With the possible exception of Jose Mourinho, there’s not a manager in professional sports as skilled in pouring kerosene on a fire as Chicago’s Ozzie Guillen. As you might’ve seen, Frank Thomas took some shots at the White Sox and their addition of Jim Thome, and Ozzie responded thusly to the Chicago Sun-Times’ Chris De Luca.

‘I heard him say we got rid of one old man to get another one,” Guillen said. ”Frank the last two years only gave me 40 at-bats [345 actually]. It’s not fair for me or for Kenny or for the team to not know exactly what we were going to get from him.

”Unfortunately, when I was managing, Frank couldn’t play for me for two years. The day he played for me, he played good. He respected the team. He did everything perfect for me since I had this job. That’s the Frank Thomas I like to have and want to have.