From the Daily Herald’s Scot Gregor.

After being examined by Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph in Chicago on Tuesday, Damaso Marte™s ailing neck and back were given clean bills of health.

That™s the good news for the White Sox™ relief pitcher.

But Marte™s future with the Sox remains in doubt, stemming from his decision to show up late for Sunday™s home game against the Angels.

Sox manager Ozzie Guillen sent the tardy Marte home, and he™s still seething about the incident.

œIf the decision I made on Sunday, if that hurt your feelings, I couldn™t care less,™™ Guillen said. œThat™s my team and that™s my rules. If you don™t like it, get out of here.™™

While Guillen (above) is clearly steering the White Sox™ ship, he doesn™t have a Captain Queeg complex. That™s why he met with his veteran players before Wednesday™s game against the Royals.

œI might have let my team down because Marte is a big part of it,™™ Guillen said. œDo we need him? Yeah. Is he a big part? Yes. Can we play without him? Yes. That™s why I had a meeting with my players, to see if I overreacted or if I was babysitting him too much. That™s why I respect the rest of the team. They said, ˜That™s the rules. You don™t have many rules. If that™s the route you have to go, that™s the route you have to go.™”