In light of the Twins’ 3B Joe Crede’s recent auditory confirmation that four-legged vermin do in fact infest Wrigley Field, Ozzie Guillen’s personal Wrigley ritual for Tuesday’s Sox-Cubs tilt suggests that Cub Nation’s Department Of Health and Human Services isn’t faring very well as the team completes its sale.

œI puke every time I go there. I™m just being honest.

œIf the Cubs fans don™t like the way I talk about Wrigley Field ¦ I don™t say anything about their fans, but Wrigley Field? They have to respect my opinion because that™s the way I feel. A lot of great people are working there, the clubhouse people working there “ I wish they had a better clubhouse, but besides that, it™s exciting when the game starts. Of course it™s exciting because that™s one of the best, it™s always crowded. But besides that, it™s terrible.™™