Larry Merchant busted out the Ali, Elvis, and Bruce Lee comparisons twice last night in reference to Manny Pacquiao. And while all 3 are a bit of a stretch (in the ring at least), Pacquiao outlasted Erik Morales in a non-title rematch that while not quite as brutal as the first installment, was still riveting viewing.

Pacquiao, mostly reliant on his left when beaten by Morales on points last March, added a right jab to his repitoire in the time since, and seemed better equipped to deal with a long, intense match compared to his opponent (whom predictably, blamed making the 130 pound weight for his comparitive lack of stamina).

While Showtime has added the option of HD to their Pay-Per-View bouts (for an additional surcharge), Time-Warner’s HBO has also gone above and beyond in their attempts to enhance the boxing fan’s experience ; they’ve taken Roy Jones Jr.’s microphone away.