(Tim Hudson and Todd Pratt celebrate the fact they’re in the former’s favorite town to have a good time)

Much as I’d love to wax pathetic about today’s Tim Hudson/Tom Glavine duel at Shea Stadium (or to put it in terms Nets fans can understand, “Would Somebody Please Stab (Or At Least Briefly Disable) Andruw Jones?”), Wednesday afternoon’s most crucial action took place at that monument to strike breaking and gay bashing, Coors Field.

San Diego’s Dewon Brazelton, perhaps inspired by Jorge Julio’s mop-up job last night against Atlanta, pitched a scoreless 8th and 9th inning in the Padres’ 13-4 victory, allowing no hits or walks and lowering his ERA to a slim, trim, 18.36. (Brazelton entered the contest with an ERA of 24.16). Keep in mind the last time he faced the Rockies, Colorado sent 11 men to the plate in the first inning.

So there’s hope for everyone. Well, not Joey Eischen. But everyone else.