Leave it to the New York Post’s Richard Johnson to supply the distasteful image of Giants RB Tiki Barber as a gridiron Doug Christie.

Tiki Barber’s wife was the catalyst behind the Giants star’s decision to hang up his helmet. A longtime friend of Barber says she made him afraid he’d suffer a catastrophic injury that would turn him into a lousy dad. The 205-pound running back is heading for the broadcasting booth at age 31 because Ginny Barber has been “nagging him for a long time – and with others present – that he’d better retire before he has a crippling injury,” Barber’s friend says. If that happened, Ginny told him, “he couldn’t participate in raising his children.”

I still find it amazing that Barber isn’t receiving more credit for getting out of a brutal, exploitive game a) at the height of his skills and b) while he still has all his marbles. There’s no shame in walking away before suffering a catastrophic injury that might render him as ineffective a broadcaster as Michael Irvin.