Wishful thinking? You betcha. But more fun to contemplate on a Monday afternoon than Eddy Curry’s labrum tear. From the New York Post’s Richard Johnson :

Cablevision patriarch Charles Dolan (above) is so “livid” and “embarrassed” over last week’s multimillion-dollar sex-harassment victory against Madison Square Garden, which is run by his unpolished son Jim, he’s planning a major shakeup of the tarnished “World’s Most Famous Arena,” sources say.A high-ranking MSG source said things are so tense since fired Knicks executive Anucha Browne Sanders won her case that father and son Dolans ended up in an ear-splitting screaming match. Daddy Charles is now mulling management changes from top to bottom, the insider said.

Not only is the elder Dolan, whose company owns the Garden as well as the Knicks and the Rangers, personally upset about the humiliating black eye his empire has been dealt – he also has both the NBA and NHL breathing down his neck to clean things up fast, another insider tells The Post’s Patrick Gallahue.

Perhaps forgetting that in light of the Sanders judgement, Cablevision might not have so much money for towels, the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola is baffled why Patrick Ewing can’t find his way onto Isiah Thomas’ coaching staff.

It™s interesting that Maurice Cheeks, Gene Shue, Jimmy Lynam and Moses Malone all work for the Sixers and yet Patrick Ewing can™t score a gig with the Knicks. Allan Houston will likely be granted a tryout with the Knicks out of respect for what he did as a Knicks player. It™s a nice gesture but what about what Ewing did for the franchise? No one was more responsible for those playoff games in the 80™s and 90™s than Ewing.

Isiah Thomas should know the feeling. It™s ridiculous that the greatest player in Pistons history never had the chance to work for the team he guided to back-to-back NBA titles.

Ewing is working for the Orlando Magic as an assistant coach after previous stints with the Wizards and Rockets. What a shame.