Magic coach Brian Hill is twisting in the wind this offseason, with at least one published report hinting Orlando covets the services of Florida’s Billy Donovan. In the midst of such speculation, the Orlando Sentinel’s Brian Schmitz wonders, where the heck is GM Otis Smith?

Smith has stopped returning calls, and apparently has reprised the Chevy Chase role to become the Invisible Man.

Smith is a stand-up guy, normally, usually helpful and honest as a sports executive can be.

Now he’s nowhere to be found, apparently told by President Bob Vander Weide not to speak to the media while the Hill issue simmers. Or maybe Otis just pulled the plug himself.

The thing is, where do you think Vander Weide receives most of his information about the team?

From Otis. Smith is with the team more than Grant Hill. He missed two road games, and it’s a little unusual for a GM to travel that much.

So he knows Brian Hill’s strengths and weaknesses. He knows the players and their feelings about Hill. About what he thinks works and hasn’t worked.

Is there a rift between Smith and Hill? Is Vander Weide playing the role of referee?

Is Smith is hot water, too?

It’s May 8, Magic fans. Do you know where your GM is?

Though it would be tempting to claim Etan Thomas has successfully run Brendan Haywood out of DC, a pitiful playoff showing in limited minutes for the former against Cleveland might have something to do with it, too.

Big Ben denies friendship with his former Detroit teammates is a factor in Da Bulls’ non-appearance thus far in Round 2. To which we can only wonder what Ben Gordon and Kirk Hinrich’s excuses are. That ‘Sheed has provided terrific defense in Games 1 and 2 is less galling than Chicago conspiring to make Chris Webber look anything but washed up.