Though they botched the title of their no.1 selection, Hooped Up’s list of preferred basketball movies is much like anything else, a matter of personal sensibilities.  I wouldn’t rate “White Men Can’t Jump” in my own Top 5, but inspired by H.D.’s survey, I’ll instead rank the 5 Worst :

5 ) “One On One”  (1978)

Though I was awfully impressed with Annette O’Toole (I was 14 at the time), in retrospect, Robbie Benson’s harsh journey thru the world of Division One athletics was not nearly as provocative as the writer/actor’s “Ice Castles”.

4) “Blue Chips”  (1994)

Nick Nolte’s one-note Bobby Knight impersonation was slightly more nuanced than Shaquille O’Neal’s portrayal of a 7-foot center. Bonus points for Ed O’Neil as a pseudo-Shaughnessey type.

3) “Eddie” (1996)

I think I’ve covered this one before.

2) “Juwanna Mann” (2002)

Much like Rodney Dangerfield’s “Ladybugs”, this ill-advised attempt at opening mainstream America’s eyes to the plight of transgendered athletes was nothing short of a cinematic abortion.

1) “The Fan” (1996)

I know, you’re saying “Tony Scott’s loud and dopey tale of a faux Barry Bonds (Wesley Snipes) meeting his own personal Mark David Chapman (a phoning-it-in Bob DeNiro) is a baseball flick.” And you’d be correct.  But I’m proposing “The Fan” is so very fucking awful, it manages to be the worst baseball and the worst basketball movie ever made, without featuring one single second of basketball. Beat that, MCA.