And no, I don’t mean the two insurance runs Geoff Geary gave up in the Cubs 7-3 win.

No, I mean Len Kaspar and Bob Brenly (not to go all Bob Raissman on you or anything). Usually, my complaint about opposing team announcers is they just regurgitate the stuff their interns they read online and in the paper just like you and me. These guys didn’t even dig that deep. Chris Coste’s hobby, they informed us, is writing books. “Not reading books. Writing books.”

This, of course, is straight from Coste’s bio, and maybe even slightly tongue-in-cheek. Perhaps it would have been more interesting to mention Coste actually wrote a book? Or that the follow-up is due from Random House next year? Hard info to come by I know.

But then, with Barry Williams and Chris Knight on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” duty – Greg Brady also sang the anthem – there just wasn’t enough air time to go around. I swear to God there was as much talk about Robbie Rist (above) as there was Kerry Wood’s AA rehab start.

On the other hand, I now know that Steve Barton from Translator made a second solo record. Thanks guys!