First they get rid of Wayne Fontes, now this. Doesn’t the Ford Family know the meaning of the words, “comic relief”? From the Detroit News’ Mike O’Hara.

He has worn the uniform for the last time. There will be no more sprints from end zone to end zone on those electric Sunday afternoons in the football stadium. No more high-fives on the sidelines, no more cheering fans.

All great careers come to an end, even for a mascot.

Roary — the cheery lion with the puffed-up mane and the big smile win or lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose — is being recycled, not retired.

Jeff Melinat, who morphed from Huddles to Roary in 24 seasons as the Lions’ mascot, has retired. Mark Klemish will slide into the Roary costume for Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings at Ford Field.

They are big paw prints to follow, but Klemish has worked his way up the ranks. Klemish wore the turkey outfit in the Lions’ Thanksgiving Day program. He also has played Santa Claus and been Biggy Bagel, Cuppy Coffee and Dashing Donut in the Dunkin’ Donuts race at every game.

After reading the above, who dares call Tim Roth “versatile” ever again?