David Ortiz might argue the 2010 baseball campaign is only 3 games only, but the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy is clearly in mid-season form when it comes to roundly mocking one of the town’s icons, claiming “regional Toyota dealers took up a collection and sent Big Papi a thank-you note that read, ‘Thanks for taking us off the hook. People are finally complaining about something else.'”

Terry Francona ” loyal to his veterans the way Dick Cheney was to George W. Bush ” spoke at length about the decision to keep Ortiz in the lineup before the rubber match of the series with New York.

œTonight would have been a good night to play [Mike] Lowell,™™ the manager acknowledged. œBut it would have been a bad night not to play David. You can™t use two DHs.”

The third-inning single gets the Steinway off Papi™s back for a few hours, but we all know the issue isn™t going away ” not if he continues to struggle, not as long as Lowell sits on the bench, waiting to be traded.

In three games, Ortiz has come to the plate with eight runners in scoring position. He has delivered one. He has ended six innings.

The Sox front office is responsible for the Ortiz Problem. The Sox rolled the dice and committed to Big Papi as the DH/No. 5 hitter for the start of this season. It™s a commitment that won™t be abandoned after a handful of games. But it™s risky.