From MSNBC :

Spurs guard Tony Parker was cited for impeding traffic and failing to produce a valid Texas driver™s license during a traffic stop in which girlfriend and œDesperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria was his passenger, police said.

An officer on a bicycle saw the stopped car holding up traffic early Saturday and rapped the hood with his hand, according to a police report. Parker, behind the wheel, questioned why the officer touched the car, and the couple œbegan screaming in a verbally abusive and demeaning manner, police said. Longoria called the police report œhighly inaccurate.

Police say the Parker began to drive away, almost hitting a man standing nearby. After being told to stop and get out, Parker showed a French driver™s license, police said. The officer who wrote the citations said Parker complained: œThis is all the cops do, just mess with people, and that Longoria shouted from the car: œHe™s just a Mexican bike cop. He only wants your autograph.

Longoria denied making the comment.

Coming later today on “NBA Fastbreak”, Dee Brown critiques Parker’s form in dealing with police harrassment.