Motown’s sorry last decade in the amateur draft is chronicled in this morning’s Detroit News by Lynn Henning, and while the full piece is worth your time, the following sidebar might just make you sick enough if you’re a Tigers fan.

Among players taken in the first round — after Detroit had selected in drafts from 1995-2005 — were these names:

1995: Roy Halladay (17th, Toronto)
1996: Eric Chavez (10th, Oakland)
1997: Troy Glaus (3rd), Vernon Wells (5th), Mike Cuddyer (9th), Jon Garland (10th), Lance Berkman (16th)
1998: C.C. Sabathia (20th)
1999: Barry Zito (9th)
2000: Chase Utley (15th
2001: Casey Kotchman (13th), Bobby Crosby (25th)
2002: Russ Adams (14th), Scott Kazmir (15th), Nick Swisher (16th), Jeff Francoeur (23rd)