A propensity for striking out aside, 22-year-old OF Dayan Viciedo appears to have handled International League pitching pretty well (36 HR’s, .835 OPS in 717 AAA at bats), but while some have argued vehemently for his promotion, manager Ozzie Guillen (as quoted by the Chicago Tribune’s Mark Gonzalez) has heard just about all he can take when it comes to the highly touted Cuban prospect.

“Are people in Chicago getting tired about talking about Viciedo?” said Guillen, responding to suggestions that the Sox should move infielder Omar Vizquel to make room for Viciedo. “We are going to keep this recording about Viciedo for people in Chicago because sooner or later, they are going to hate Viciedo — at least for a week and talk about how bad Viciedo is and how crazy we are to bring this guy from Cuba.”

“But I want to make it clear about those people who want Viciedo here, I want Viciedo here. But the thing is where do I play him?”

In addition to the outfield logjam, Guillen said Vizquel is the Sox’s lone true backup shortstop.

“I wish I could play 10 players like a softball game, play him (Viciedo) in the middle of the field, and then we bring him (up),” Guillen said. “If Vizquel leaves, that doesn’t do anything good for us having Viciedo here.”