Actor Paul Gleason, most often remembered for his role as Principal Vernon in “The Breakfast Club”, but equally beloved for his tenure as Dr. David Thornton on “All My Children”, has passed away at the age of 67. Described as “funnier than Jackie Gleason” by Repoz who supplied the prior link, Gleason’s filmography included appearances in “The Great Santini”, “Trading Places”, “Die Hard” and the Anthony Michael Hall star vehicle “Johnny Be Good” (possibly the finest work Uma Thurman would ever do in a film starring Anthony Michael Hall).

Author of the book, “Uleta, Blues & Haikus”, Gleason’s diverse background included stints in the Red Sox and Indians minor league systems, at least according to the dustcover of said book.

I’ve never quite undersood the saying “he’s in a better place now” when someone dies (particularly if the deceased was a woman). But with all due respect to Gleason’s friends and family, heaven, hell or a box in the ground could all be considered an improvement over ever being confused with Jeffrey Jones by a radio commentator who couldn’t keep his teen movies straight.