(there must be at least a dozen people watching the end of Game 6 at the begining of this clip)

While the rest of the baseball world marvels at the worst-to-first accomplishment of the American League champion Tampa Rays (nice work by ’07’s no. 1 overall draft pick David Price, on the second-biggest of all stages, too), Newsday’s Ken Davidoff has sobering news for Mets and Yankee fans hoping to see another marquee free agent P don either club’s uniform.

Peavy, armed with a no-trade clause, already has indicated to the Padres the teams to which he would accept a trade, agent Barry Axelrod told Newsday yesterday. He has a full no-trade clause and five years and $81 million left on his contract, assuming he insists that his new club pick up the $22-million team option for 2013.

“Jake strongly prefers the National League, and it would take major enticement to get him to agree to go to any American League club,” Axelrod e-mailed. “He has obviously had a lot of success in the NL and feels very comfortable there. Also, he is a pretty good hitter, and he views that as an advantage.

“We have not been approached on any specific team, but have given the Padres an idea of the teams to which Jake would consider going. They are definitely being proactive on this and seem to really want to make it happen.”

The Padres think they could find a match with the Yankees in a Peavy trade, but Peavy’s de facto exclusion of the AL takes the Yankees out of the equation, focusing them on free-agent targets such as CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe as they attempt to improve their rotation.

The Mets aren’t a safe bet because a) they probably lack the young talent necessary, and b) one official from another team said this past week that Peavy, who was born and still lives in Alabama, “hates” New York anyway.

It’s becoming an all too familiar refrain, sadly.  Mikey Wild won’t be signing with the Mets, either.