Mets 6, Pirates 1

After watching Carlos Beltran connect for a 2 run HR in the first inning — his 10th of the season and 9th in games started by Pedro Martinez (above) — Willie Randolph’s master plan for the season’s second half should be all too obvious.

Pedro should start all 74 of the Mets’ remaining games. He’s already demonstrated that his durability is far less suspect than we feared, and if a little health risk to Pedro is required to get Beltran untracked, so be it.

Texas’ Kenny Rogers says he’ll be available for this Tuesday’s All-Star Game, truly great news for those of us who were dreading countless replays of Roger Clemens beaning Mike Piazza in Game Two of the 2000 World Series.

Though this sad story presents quite a challenge for the Aruban Board Of Tourism, they can always remind vacationers that Sidney Ponson isn’t coming back.

Apparently there was some kind of intense whiffle ball competition in the Philadelphia area yesterday ; though I deeply regret that we have no photographs to share from this contest, perhaps this is exactly the sort of replacement the IOC had in mind when they decided to banish baseball and softball from the 2012 Summer Games.