The Daily News’ Frank Isola reports that the little-used Penny Hardaway (currently on the injured list) has requested a trade. With New York on the hook for nearly $30 million in remaining payments to the former All-Star, the club would love to oblige, but chances are the rest of the league is even less convinced that Hardaway deserves serious minutes than Lenny Wilkens. Having already bit the bullet on much of Shandon Anderson’s contract (and perhaps preparing to pay his current coach to play golf), it is doubtful that James Dolan will allow Isiah Thomas to waive or buyout Hardaway.

Dwayne Wade (above, 21 points, 9 assists in last night’s 102-94 Miami defeat of New York) on Stephon Marbury’s recent boasts, as quoted by the NY Post’s Marc Berman.

“Everybody heard about it. Steph’s a great point guard. But it’s not left up to us players to say who’s the best. It’s up to the fans and [media)] to say who’s the best.”