Today’s Knicks defeat of the Nets took place at “Sexual Harrassment Hacienda”.  Nate Robinson’s benching Friday night is described as “DNP-CWD (did not play-coach™s wise decision)”.  In discrediting rumors of an Tyrus Thomas for Al Harrington trade, we’re told “Donnie Walsh™s soft spot for Harrington almost matches his weakness for butter.”  Who else could be responsible for such bon mots other than the New York Post’s Peter Vescey, who cause célèbre, in today’s Hoop Du Jour column is Utah SF Wesley Matthews.

The undrafted Matthews, who plays like he was born in the basket, is averaging 7.9 points (35 in the last two) in 23.3 minutes and is shooting 51 percent for the Jazz in 18 games, 10 as a starter.

In other words, 30 teams basically blew two gimmes each to choose the 6-foot-5 muscular, ultra agile, ambidextrous guard.

If I™m an NBA owner, I demand to know how it™s possible that to happen. If I™m the one signing the checks, I demand to know how kid out of Marquette can go unnoticed by my talent scouts for two rounds, and I want to know it now . . . in writing, on tape and on video so I can use it against them when I sue for the return of stolen wages.

At the very least, all scouting credentials should be confiscated immediately.

Then again, I™m probably being far too harsh. I guess it™s easy to see how Matthews could get overlooked playing in such an obscure conference as the Big East, and it™s not like Marquette is on TV all that much.

Hey, who even knew they played basketball at Marquette?

Oh, yeah, if you™re wondering why the Knicks didn™t discover Matthews, they have a legit excuse. Walsh claims he would™ve taken him, but due to previous bad trades, it seems they had no œundraft choices available.