(from the CSTB archives, Love, left, shown with former boss Kevin McHale, right, as the latter explains what was revealed when he tore away the “worth seeing” sticker from The Bastards’ ‘Monticello’ sleeve)

…but unfortunately, the New York Post doesn’t pay their Hoops Du Jour columnist to write about any of them. On Sunday, Vecsey muses, “we all struggle, our constitutional rights are being sold down the river by numb, corrupt elected officials, and our land, pets, and infrastructure are being abused…I am ashamed actually giving credence to whether a 23-year-old basketball player feels insulted being offered $15M per year.” Funny, I don’t feel guilty at all agreeing with Pete that Minnesota’s reluctance to offer  Kevin Love a 5 year max deal instead of of 4 could well haunt the franchise for years to come.

How can Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor not realize an extra $17 million (roughly $78M total) is wholly worth the investment to maintain the electrically charged concurrence the infinitely improved T’wolves have going for them?

Why would Taylor not want to lock up Love as long as possible (to keep or trade) when an insurance policy is readily available to protect him against a career-ending injury?

>Surely Taylor must understand better than most (Kevin Garnett’s history with the team comes to mind) how rare it is to luck into a fixated forward that flexes for double-doubles as fluently as Charles Barkley articulates two straight prepositions.

For all concerned — especially in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul — and for the sake of Love’s teammates, coaches and Wolves’ fans (only recently removed from the endangered list), hopefully Taylor will come to his senses.

And Love will get a grip on reality. I seem to remember him saying last season, “All I want is $50M for five.” Of course, that was before Russell Westbrook got profoundly rewarded.