Along with beautifully gratuitious jabs at A.I. (“once upon a time, Iverson showed up at a bowling alley and all hell broke loose. Now he fails to show up at a bowling alley and look what happens,”), the Pacers’ Stephen Jackson (“I’ve never been afraid to take the last shot,” Jackson said. “Sometimes, even in a game,”) Kid Rock, plus the obligatory sportswriter props for “The Wire”, the New York Post’s Peter Vescey took aim Friday morning at that great enemy of the Fourth Estate, the New York Football Giants’ Michael Strahan.

Michael Stra-ham reestablished his fetching reputation as one of pro sports’ most fearless lady-killers. At the same time, big deal, so yet another athlete called out and tried to sweat a member of the media. The front and back page overreaction, of course, is because Stra-ham bullied a woman reporter. Hey, it’s not as if he got physical with her. Women get equal access, why shouldn’t they get equal abuse? She should just be thankful he’s not cheating on her, too.