(universally despised empty-skull. And on the left, Mr. Met)

Do we really need someone representing the city that brought us the ECW Arena, the Wing Bowl and John Sharkey delivering a lecture on intelligent mascot schemes? In Ruben We Trust is stretching the boundaries of credibility in claiming “Tommy Lasorda might be one of 5 people in the world to dislike the (Philly) Phanatic”. And he’s really pushing it by lifting a photograph of Mr. Met that I took off the television. But that’s nothing compared to the following rip-job :

Mr. Met has been voted in the Mascot Hall of Fame and all, but I personally see nothing clever about that baseball-headed moron, and this is coming from someone who appreciates tradition and history. Back in 1960-something, when this jackass was unveiled, Mets fans must have instantly wondered the same thing – Why is a man in a Mets jersey walking around with a baseball the size of the moon on his head? I can’t fathom the amount of stupidity that went into Mr. Met’s creation… Okay, so the Mets play baseball, right? And they need a mascot? I got it! How about we have a man wearing a giant baseball on his head. And it can wear a Mets jersey! You’ve got to be kidding me. That would have been an outstanding idea in a world that strives to be as bland and as uninnovative as possible. And uninnovative is actually a word – I looked it up, bitches.