From the Man Who Puts The “Grity” In “Integrity” in today’s NY Post.

ESPN’s Stuart Scott, writing in the latest ESPN magazine, wonders how Joe Girardi, white man, can so quickly land a MLB manager’s gig while Willie Randolph waited for years.

One moment Scott reports that a team got “pimp-slapped.” In another moment, over clips of brutalized NFLers writhing in agony, he laughs and hollers, “He got jacked up!” And in the next moment he asks us to consider social rights from social wrongs.

Thanks, Phil. That really answers the question of why Joe Girardi was so quickly fast-tracked for managerial position while Willie Randolph’s wait was far longer. Does Stuart Scott’s overplayed schtick on TV mean he has no right to raise a serious issue in print? Or would Mushnick prefer that Scott stay out of the deep end and let Bob Costas handle the meaty questions of our time (when he’s not interviewing Angelina Jolie, that is).

If the taint of ESPN’s lowbrow approach precludes any of their staff from having a valid point of view, what conclusion can we reach about a News Corp. employee whose paycheck has for years been subsidized by advertisements for ticket scalpers, gun shops, titty bars and drug pushers?