Sunday’s latest attempt at manufactured outrage on the part of The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick might his most exasperating effort to date.  Phil tells the tale of Manalpan, NJ’s Lloyd Stone, a Nets ticket holder who helpfully suggested to the NBA that they might want to come up with a transparent shot-clock atop the backboard, so as not to obstruct the view of patrons like himself.

“All Lloyd Stone wanted was a ‘thank you’. That’s all,” states Mushnick at the begining of the piece, before going on to cite multiple times when the NBA did say “thank you”, in writing to Mr. Stone.

Alas, it turns out Stone wanted more than a thank you. He wanted to be kept up to date regarding the progress of the see-thru clocks, and he’s bummed the Association never credited him with the great idea.

Whether or not that was a reasonable expectation is a worthy question.  But that’s slightly different than merely wanting a “thank you” and claiming in the opening sentence that no courtesy of the sort was offered.