Where some portion of this blog’s readership might well rejoice in finally having a reason to follow the Women’s golf tour, the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick, predictably, decries pandering to the perv element.

The LPGA regularly features girls instead of women – phenoms in their mid-to-late teens – it’s not only continuing to sell straight sex, it seems to be selling girls, just out of childhood, as sex objects for drooling, dirty, old men of all ages.

Michelle Wie
, Paula Creamer and Natalie Gulbis, among others, have, in recent years, made their LPGA debuts as teenagers who regularly appear in outfits clearly designed to be provocative.

Their chosen clothing – hot-pants, body suits, skin-tight shirts, skirts with hems closer to the navel than to the knees – would, on regular days, find the wearer disallowed from playing on the courses on which they’re seen competing. They’d be denied play for wearing “inappropriate golf attire.”

At least Phil can sleep well, knowing that he accepts a paycheck from a corporation that has never, ever done anything to promote the objectification of young women. And one, that coincidently, doesn’t show much women’s golf.