Today’s NY Post entry from Phil Mushnick is mostly composed of the Conscience Of News Corp railing against the televised poker boom. Apparently, said craze (which crested, what, 3 years ago?) could well lead to an epidemic of collegiate gambling. And just when you might’ve hoped Phil would’ve had something to say about one of the hotter sports media stories of the past week, he instead turns his attentions to a tried and true tackling dummy.

Connecticut™s Sacred Heart University, during its May 13 graduation ceremony, bestowed an honorary doctorate on Vince McMahon (above). Charles Manson must™ve been unavailable.

McMahon™s speech to the Class of ™07 was prefaced by an explanation that the honor is in recognition of œall you are and all you promise to be. A Catholic institution, Sacred Heart™s mission statement encourages a œresponsibility for the common good of society.

To that end, no clips of McMahon™s vulgar, kid-targeting WWE TV shows were shown. And, so as not to embarrass him or the school, a long roll call of drug-afflicted and prematurely deceased pro wrestlers also was avoided.

Incidentally, because he™s the recipient of an honorary doctorate, Dr. McMahon will remain unable to legally prescribe steroids to himself and to his wrestlers.