In addition to bemoaning Kwame Brown’s “terrible” performance last night in Dallas, Lakers coach Phil Jackson suggested the undue influence of Mavs owner Mark Cuban had a hand in LA’s 102-87 loss.

From the LA Times’ Mike Bresnahan.

Three Lakers had technical fouls, another two had flagrant fouls and the team was charged with a technical when Jackson kept the players huddled on the sideline despite referees’ warnings to break it up after a timeout had elapsed with 1:08 to play.

It was a silent protest by Jackson, backed up by sharp words afterward and a dig at the Mavericks’ owner.

“I thought it was really a poorly refereed ball game,” he said. “I know there’s a lot of pressure on the refs when they come here because Mark has them review the tapes and send them into the league. These guys are nervous Nellies when they come in to referee in this building. But they have to do a better job than they’re doing. That’s not acceptable.”

Brown (above, right) and Andrew Bynum were called for the flagrant fouls, and Bryant, Odom and Devean George were called for the technicals.

Bryant smiled when asked about Jackson’s late protest.

“You eyeing my piggy bank too?” he said, suggesting he didn’t want to be fined by the league.

Of course, it would be totally beneath the Zen Master to lobby with the referees through the media. He’s just speaking his mind, as always.