You know what they say: good hitting beats bad pitching every time (even when you’re Pat Burrell, on some occasions). And thus a second sold-out crowd at Citizen’s Bank Park has to settle for gained ground in the NL East instead of baseball history.

Salon’s Bruce Buschel gets the obligatory Santa Claus reference out of the way before noting that the Phillies’ quest for loss #10,000 is unburdened by charm or sad-sack sentiment.

Philly fans blame no curse, no karmic force, no goat, no Babe, no “No No Nanette.”

They blame only the Phillies — brutal players and brutal managers and brutal owners.

Just the owners here. Even former GM Ed Wade is looking pretty good at this particular moment. Does the guy really deserve to have Jon Heyman name an “award” after him when he acquired seven of the nine who took the field for Philadelphia today, including four All-Stars (Rollins, Hamels, Utley, Howard), an undrafted FA (Ruiz) and a Rule V pick-up (Victorino)? Even “Pat the Bat” is only a disappointment due to sky-high expectations (and their accompanying salary).

I guess I’m hoping that they finish out the sweep and also find a way to win on Monday, as I’ll be there Tuesday to see TBA take on the Dodgers. I’m sure he’ll pitch a stellar six and watch the bullpen lose his lead. Then Mike Lieberthal will win it for the home team with a pinch-hit homer in the 10th (this is where I’m supposed to make the joke about no one being left to see it, right?).

(we already know that Russell Martin will get the start on Yom Kippur)

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SUNDAY UPDATE: Adam Wainwright, apparently unintimidated by the CBP soundman’s choice of Lindsey Buckingham’s “Trouble,” gets out of a bases-loaded one-out jam. Cards lead 6-0 after six.

And Charlie’s still uncertain about Tuesday’s starter.