The forthcoming release of Phillies General Partner Bill Giles memoirs is not likely to be eagerly anticipated by Phillies fans lacking in a sense of black humor, but at least one line of this book will certainly enter into Phillies lore. From the Philadelphia Daily News:

BILL GILES TELLS the story in his new book of a visit to Jack Betz’ representative during his search for investors to help him buy the Phillies. That rep called Betz – who owned a water-purifying firm – at home. Betz’ response? He said he liked the Eagles more.

Betz’ wife, Claire, overheard the conversation and tossed in her 2 cents, which ended with, “we’ve invested $5 million in dumber things.” So began the tenure of Giles as president and then chairman of the Phils, providing much of the fodder for 17 entertaining chapters in a book called “Pouring Six Beers at a Time,” written by Giles and Doug Myers. The back cover, appropriately, features a shot of a descending Kiteman at the Vet, part of a cast of characters (along with Cannon Man, Benny the Bomb and Karl Wallenda) who have become relics.

“The best promotion, of course, is winning teams and a good facility,” Giles said Wednesday, “and fortunately, although we haven’t been to the playoffs, the last few years we’ve had winning teams and we have a great facility and that’s a whole lot better than trying to figure out who the next Wallenda’s going to be.