From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s JoAnne Klimovich Harrop (link swiped from Baseball Musings).

The Pittsburgh Pirates will introduce a new staff member April 16.

Joining the Pirate Parrot will be another team mascot.

“He will not replace the big green chicken because everyone loves him,” said Tim Schuldt, vice president of marketing, sales and broadcasting for the Pirates. “The new mascot will be warm and cuddly with one gold tooth. He looks like a Pirate. One will work the one dugout and the other will work the other. Fans will love him.”

I’ve got just the man for the job — he’s already a big part of recent club history, has spent lots of time on a boat…and knows all about stealing Kevin McClatchy’s money.

(advance warning : I didn’t make up the joke about the boat and stealing money. Whoever did is entitled to a free autographed photo of Stevie Ray Going-Going-Gone.)