(Gerhard Richter‘s “Candle For Nate McLlouth”, 1982)
Smitty of Rumbunter posted the following excerpt from a Rob Biertempfel Pittsburgh Tribune article. I’m not sure which is funnier, the idea anyone in the Pirates clubhouse was actually offended or the original reports of their Nate McLoth grief being so way over the top.

Relievers Sean Burnett and Jesse Chavez are fuming over how they™ve been portrayed by ESPN and other media for supposedly setting up a candle and œshrine to Nate McLouth.

œIt™s ridiculous. Blown way out of proportion, Burnett said. œI™m waiting for an apology.

Chavez said the candle was set up two weeks before McLouth was traded as a running joke about the players™ daily card game of Pluck. As long as Chavez and Burnett kept winning, the candle stayed lit at their lockers.

œIt had nothing to do with the trade, Chavez said. œIt™s a friendly thing we had going on, an inside joke.

Neither player was disciplined by the team and the candle and Pluck scoreboard remain at their lockers.