My first thought upon reading an item from Politico’s Jeffrey Resner that along with hiring a Nashville based P.R. firm,  McCain prop Sam Wurzelbacher aka “Joe The Plumber” “is being pursued for a record deal and could come out with a country album as early as Inauguration Day” was, “isn’t the Yep Roc roster large enough already?”

After careful consideration, however, I realized that even in the current economic climate, the general public craves inspirational music that speaks directly to their hopes, dreams and daily experiences.  But enough about the Sic Alps, if Mr. Wurzelbacher has something to say, who am I to scoff at his ambitions?  However, as a musical neophyte, he’s gonna need help.  A producer.  Engineer.  Song Doctor.  Musical dictator director. A savvy, experienced team that know all the crucial elements required to make a hit record in the ultra-competitive pop or country marketplace.

Thankfully, all of those tasks can be accomplished by just one man, a rock’n’roll legend from the battleground state of Pennsylvania with a rich history of knocking out records on a strict deadline.  I have no idea whether or not Joey Welz is available or interested in tackling this project, but Sam The Tax Cheat Joe The Plumber’s handlers owe it to themselves to make the phone call as soon as possible.