At least no one can accuse Frank McCourt of disregarding character in the makeup of the Dodgers’ clubhouse. From the LA Breeze’s Larry Altman :

Police have responded to the Redondo Beach home of Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley three times this summer on domestic violence calls, including one instance in which he allegedly choked his pregnant wife, bloodied her lip and hurled a cellular telephone into a wall.

On Monday, Bradley — out for the season with a knee injury and not accompanying the team to Chicago — angrily dispatched a reporter from his driveway.

“You come here snooping around,” he yelled from his upstairs balcony. “Get off my property. Write that down. Get off my property.”

No charges were filed against Bradley or his wife stemming from any of the three police responses. In two of the cases, police officers counseled the couple. In a third, Bradley was not home when police arrived.

Bradley’s wife, who was four months pregnant at the time, told officers she and her husband had argued about “relationship issues.” Bradley, she said, grabbed her right hand and pushed it against her mouth, causing her to hit herself. The inside of her lip began to bleed, the crime report said.

He then grabbed her cellular telephone from a bedroom table and threw it toward a wall. The phone hit a headboard, struck the wall and shattered into several pieces, the report said.

Bradley picked up the phone and walked into the hallway, followed by his wife.

“Victim said her husband turned around and used his right forearm and pushed her against the wall,” an officer wrote. “Victim stated (Bradley’s) forearm was against her throat and she was having a difficult time breathing.”

When Bradley let go of her, she ran to the bathroom and vomited.

“Victim said her husband went around the house and picked up all the cell phones, house phones, her car keys and credit cards and left the location,” the report said.

A police officer said Bradley’s wife was crying and upset when she answered the door. Her lip was bleeding.

Officers found a scuff mark on the headboard and a small dent in the drywall above the bed from where the cellular telephone hit, the report said.

Lt. Dangle of the Reno P.D. was unavailable for comment.