Red Sox LF Manny Ramirez blew off Boston’s visit to the White House yesterday, a situation that has Odds & Sods wondering, “is Manny Ramirez a liberal?” Hey, I thought veterans were generally excused from long trips to bullshit exhibitions.

The Red Sox have met with the President twice during the Bush Administration, after each World Series victory. Both times, Manny Ramirez has chosen not to attend.

In 2005, Manny received an œexcused absence from the club, with Johnny Damon stating that he was caring for a sick grandmother. Today, the president joked œManny Ramirez isn™t here. I guess his grandmother died again.

There are many plausible explanations for the pair of absences. Manny was putting extra time in at the gym. He was comfortable in Fort Myers and didn™t want to leave. He may have been too busy selling personal belongings on eBay.

However, for the man who once skipped a game to take his citizenship test and proudly ran out into left field with an American flag the next day, meeting the President of the United States would surely be an honor?

Could this be a political statement by Mr. Ramirez? Have Republicans™ bombastic boasts about immigration and the Spanish language soured him? Has his status as a constitutional scholar emboldened him to protest the prone condition with which Cheney and other Bush appointees have held that document?