From the New York Post’s Farah Weinstein.

Mysterious mega-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who has offered to blow the whistle on his congressional pals in his fraud trial, showed up to his indictment Tuesday in that mob staple: a black felt fedora and trench coat.

It was an outfit that screamed: I’m sinister, I’m secretive – I’m dressed to spill the beans on every representative from here to California.

“It’s almost a bit ridiculously romantic,” says Bruce Pask, style director at Cargo magazine.

“It’s dark and foreboding. He’s saying, ‘I’m guilty so I’m going to get into it.’ “

Pask adds: “It’s such a bad-guy outfit, it’s as if he’s offering himself up as mea culpa or watching too much film noir. He looks like a character in a movie. It doesn’t look like it’s something he would normally wear. Like he’s playing a part, and he went to central casting.

“I think he is really embracing his guilt and not trying to be cavalier about it.”