Though an unsolicited call from Joe Pepitone or Mickey Rivers might welcomed by fans of a certain vintage, the Yankees have taken the unusual step of putting former hurler David Cone (above)  on the phones in order to move those oft-mocked Nu Stadium luxury boxes. From the New York Post’s Jeremy Olshen :

“David Cone left a four-minute voicemail on my machine about the seats,” said a season-ticket holder on the fence about the new prices.

“I liked the message, but it didn’t change my mind. The whole thing is kind of comical.”

Cone, who tossed a perfect game for the Yankees a decade ago, says in sales, as opposed to baseball, it’s not hard to get “a no-no.”

“Fortunately, I am the soft-sell guy,” Cone told The Post.

“I meet and greet. I give tours. But it’s not like I’m making cold calls or anything. I don’t think I alone have changed anyone’s mind.”

“Sometimes I get a secretary, and she doesn’t believe it’s me,” he said. “They think it’s a practical joke. Usually, once they get on the phone, they recognize my voice from television and realize the call is for real.”