Tara Dooley of the Houston Chronicle tests our faith in the power of daily newspapers not to suck like crazy with the following (link copped from Baseball Think Factory).

When looking for a comparison of spirit between the Astros and Cardinals, Teller is the guy to ask. The new rabbi at Congregation Brith Shalom arrived in Astros territory in July from, yes, St. Louis. He’s seen the Cardinals in action.

But as he watched those 18 innings against the Atlanta Braves Sunday, Teller saw ruach.

“It seems like the Astros have a significant edge on that after having won that final game in such a dramatic fashion,” Teller said.

Certainly there is a relationship between baseball and God, religious leaders say.

As the Rev. Chris Seay sees it, baseball is “profoundly spiritual.” It’s the pace, the anticipation, the longing, he said. Plus, the team has a full-time chaplain and a roster of players in touch with their spirituality.

“There is definitely a spiritual vibe going on with this team,” said Seay, who pastors Ecclesia in Montrose. He usually attends more than half the Astros home games during a season.

Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston sees God-given talent in the Astros lineup, including “some of the greatest pitchers alive in baseball today.”

“The Astros will win because they are great baseball players,” said Fiorenza, a longtime fan. “God has given them the talent to be excellent athletes.”

And there is always the old baseball-in-the-Bible joke, said Rabbi Avi Schulman of Congregation Beth El in Missouri City. It seems that the most fervent of baseball believers see a sign that God is also a fan in the very first line of Genesis: “In the big inning … ”

Oh, God cares about baseball, said Rabbi Howard Siegel, director of the Jewish Information Center of Houston. At least “to the extent that people have a natural need to compete.”

All this article was missing was an obligatory amendment of the Ten Commandments.

“Thou Shalt Not Steal (Just Ask Billy Beane)”
“Thou Shall Not Covet Kris Benson’s Wife”,
“Thou Shall Not Worship Any Graven Image (ie. The Pfizer Comeback Player Of The Year Award), etc.”

Thou I’m not a religious man, if there is a God, I’d like to think that he or she has more crucial matters to tend to than MLB’s post-season. Besides turning Will Leitch into a pillar of salt, that is. Though based on today’s events thus far, it would appear as though Mike Lamb has made a pact with the devil.