Cubs 0, Mets 0 (bottom of the 6th)

Mark Prior’s working on a no-no, while John Maine has allowed just 3 hits (and survived a first and second, 1 out jam in the 6th).

(UPDATE : Prior’s gone. 103 pitches, 5 2/3rds innings, 4 walks, and a nice ovation from an otherwise hostile Shea crowd)

Harshly critical of kids playing hand-held videogames in the stands, Gary Cohen was tech savvy enough to ID the Sony PSP, but incorrectly noted a Nintendo DS as a Game Boy. Where Chris Cotter when we finally need him (preferably to ambush the kids, Dom Jolly-style with some kind of monumentally offensive questions that would result in several persons being fired).

I don’t know how much Geico paid Little Richard, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

(UPDATE : still scoreless at the 7th inning stretch.  Maine has 7 K’s on the day and has extended his scoreless innings streak to 17)