The Cubs’ Mark Prior (above) seems more than ready to take on the National League after recording 10 K’s in 6 and two-thirds innings of work tonight for Iowa against New Orleans (one walk, no earned runs, 4 hits). Paying slight attention to this game (won by the Cubs, 2-1) revealed to your sloppy author/editor that former Mets backup backstop Alberto Castillo was catching for N’awlins. I wasn’t aware he was still in organized baseball. And no, 35 games with the Royals last season doesn’t count.

After Boston’s Curt Schilling, Jonathan Papelbon and Mike Timlin combined to hold Minnesota to one run over 11 innings, Julian Tavares entered the 12th inning with a 2-1 lead, promptly loaded the bases and surrendered a game winning grand salami to Jason Kubel. Clearly, Tavares was eager to catch the end of the Mavs/Heat game just like the rest of us.

Johan Santana (above) struck out 13 over 8 innings, and was nearly flawless other than a HR allowed to V-Tek. And by flawless, I mean in terms of his pitching performance. For all I know, he might be a very good listener, and that’s a very important attribute.

Snakes hurler Russ Ortiz has now reached the pinnacle of the American Work Experience — to suck so badly at your job, your employer will pay you $22.5 million to stay home. While this is not unprecedented in the white collar world, amongst dudes who grunt, sweat and scratch their genitals for a living, this is truly a historic achivement.