Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield, who earlier this year dared writers to test him for performance enhancing drugs, only to admit to having used such substances later on (unknowingly, natch) has made an appeal to the New York Post’s Kevin Kernan for more stringent testing. Presumably so Gary can protect himself from….himself.

“I’ve been saying for years we need a stronger drug-testing policy,” said Sheffield, one of the most feared hitters in the game, who hit 36 home runs this past season and led the Yankees with 121 RBIs despite an aching shoulder that eventually needed surgery. “I’ve seen guys that when I started they had the same amount of home runs that I had and all of a sudden they’re doubling my home runs. It looked like the numbers I put up didn’t have [any] meaning to it.

“Sure, there is going to be a Bo Jackson who comes along every once in a blue moon, but all of a sudden there were too many Bo Jacksons.”

Damn straight. The sporting scene cannot withstand additional athletes referring to themselves in the third person.