The morning after watching his Newark Nets end up with the 3rd pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, newly ensconced owner Mikhail Prokhorov (above, left) told a gathering of area reporters he’ll be looking for a new general manager along with a head coach, as well as dismissing the seductive skills of the guy who managed to bag Beyoncé.  From the Bergen Record’s Dave D’Alessandro :

As the wide-ranging discussion turned toward his management team, Prokhorov initially confirmed that team president Rod Thorn will be kept on after his present contract expires on June 30.

œWe™re discussing small formalities for the agreement for the time being, said Prokhorov.

Then, the 45-year-old billionaire added, œWith Kiki (Vandeweghe), he™s a very talented guy, he did his job in a very tough season for the team, and his agreement expires in summer and I wish him well.

Vandeweghe, in Chicago for the draft combine, politely refused comment. While Prokhorov was bidding him a glib farewell, the general manager was actually on the radio discussing the draft lottery. Thorn was already in Chicago hours before Vandeweghe, taking part in Competition Committee meetings, and did not immediately return calls for elucidation.

Prokhorov did not reveal any names pertaining to Thorn™s search for a head coach, but he did note that NBA experience was prerequisite. That apparently does not include experience with NBA players in international competition, however, because he completely dismissed Krzyzewski, the Duke legend who “ once upon a rumor — purportedly was at the top of his list.

œCoach K, he™s a great coach, Prokhorov conceded. œBut I™m looking for an NBA experience coach. Now it™s a big list. … It™s possible for a current assistant to be head coach of the team.

And while he said he likes and admires Jay-Z, who is a friend to many players, Prokhorov said the rap impresario will not be involved in the free agent recruitment process.

œI think it™s more than enough that he is very passionate with the team, the owner said. œI think it™s management job to look for free agent … it™s a professional job. But of course Jay-Z™s passion is additional advertisement for the team.

Indeed, Vandeweghe was conducting an interview with WFAN’s Joe Benigno-Gazino and Evan Roberts at the time of Prokhorov’s remarks, his opinions regarding the Nets’ draft options being no more relevant than yours or mine.  I think it’s very safe to assume after the past few days that Prokhorov’s ownership tenure is going to provide more blogging gold than anything short of Stephon Marbury rejoining the team as player-coach.